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Oct 14, 2012 3:05am EDT
high unemployment, we now have the lowest african- american unemployment, the lowest latino unemployment ever measured. 22 million new jobs,ery low unemployment nationally. instead of ballooning the debt and multiplying it four times over, we have seen the debt actually begun to be paid down. here are some promises that i'll make to you now. i will balance the budget every year. i will pay down the debt every year. i will give middle-class americans tax cuts, meaningful ones. and i willnvest in education, health care, protecting the environment and retirement security. we both made promises in this campaign. i promise you i will keep mine. let me tell you about one of the governor's. he has promised a trillion dollars out of the social security trust fund for young working adults to invest and save on their own. but he's promised seniors that their social security benefits will not be cut, and he's promised the same trillion dollars to them. and embrace the highest common denominator of thamerican spirit. i don't know what affirmative access means. i do know what affirmative
Oct 13, 2012 10:45pm EDT
do too. >> i believe that this country is electing more and more african-americans and latinos and asian-americans who are representing districts that are themselves not necessarily of a majority of their race. the american people are beginning to bolt across racial lines and i hope it will happen more and more. more and more women are being elected. look at all these women senate candidates we have here. and, you know, according to my mother and my wife and my daughter this world would be a lot better place if women were running it most of the time. i do think there are special experiences and judgments and backgrounds and understandings that women bring to this process, by the way. this lady said here, how have you been affected by the economy. i mean, women know what it's like to be paid an unequal amount for equal work. they know what it's like not to have flexible working hours. they know what it's like not to have family leave or child care. so i think it would be a good thing for america if it happened, and i think it will happen in my lifetime. >> we have just a little time
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2